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Oven Cleaning


Customer - Susan - 27 Apr 2019 - Wow. This is the 2nd time I have used Steve from oven heat and wow another amazing job my oven looks like new and believe me it was a mess. I would definitely use Steve again.

Let us do the jobs you hate.

We are a small and friendly company based in south west of London operating mainly in the areas of Brentford, Egham, Hayes, Hounslow, Rickmansworth, Uxbridge. We specialise in the cleaning of all types of domestic ovens including extractor fans, microwaves and electric/gas hobs.

With a wealth of experience and reliable service, we take pride in our work with the majority through recommendations from customers that have used us previously and are happy to recommend us to their friends.

Our oven cleaner comes to your home at the appointed time and brings all the necessary equipment and cleaning materials. He inspects your cooker to see if it works properly before the actual service. The technician covers the area around your oven to protect it from eventual spills and then dismantles the cooker and soaks all removed components in a solution of heated water and specialised oven cleaning detergents by the dip-tank method. This removes all fat residue, hardened or otherwise, however, the overall finish is dependant on the damage that continual use and lack of care to the unit has endured between cleans.

The cleaner takes care of any grease, grime and burnt carbon inside and out of the oven. After everything dries, he assembles the cooker back together and polishes it thoroughly to give it an astonishing sparkling and clean look. At the end, your appliance is tested to make sure everything works as it should. The best part is that you can use your oven right after cleaning.

The only job we do, is a good job.

Why choose Oven Heat?

We are specialist oven cleaners who are professional, efficient and reliable.


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